Daz Bailey

Daz Bailey

Today at Gold Shore Records we are happy to be able to show you all an exclusive interview with DigiTraxx owner and Progressive House star Daz Bailey.

1. Hey Daz, first of all thanks for taking part in this interview, it’s truly a great pleasure to have you with us. Tell us about the story behind Daz Bailey, who you are and how you ended up on the electronic dance music scene?

Hi guys, thank you for asking. I’m lucky and old enough to have started my proper clubbing days back in 1990, going the places like the Hacienda in Manchester, Legends in warrington, Cream in Liverpool when it opened, so it just became a natural progression to want to become a dj. My biggest early influences were, Sasha, Digweed, Dave Seaman, prog house was my early fave genre.

In 96 I started to play Paul Oakenfolds label ‘Perfecto” style stuff, then onto the bid euphoric trance in 99, so you can see where my influence comes from.

I didn’t get into the production side until 2007, along with my best friend and ace producer ‘Scott Rosser” ex Dario & now “cahill, we went under the name of BAILEY & ROSSKO & did a remix of Yazoo-Don’t go, which Judge Jules supported for 6 weeks on Radio1, this led to us being asked to remix The Freemasons- Uninvited track.

In 2008 though, Scott had to put more time into the cahill project, which made me make the decision to go it alone.

2. So tell us a little about your productions, it seems you’ve been very busy remixing tracks from artists like Inna and Agnes to John O’Callaghan and Deadmau5, where do find time to fit everything in along with your original productions, DJing and running your label, is music your full time job?

With great difficulty. I have a full time job and a family, so i have to fit it all in when i can. I get up at 5 am everyday to produce and a couple of late nights in the week. I have a new baby on the way at the end of April, so the remixes have a taken a back seat while I concentrate on Bailey productions.

I also release tracks as Sam Freiberg with Scott: first track is out now in USA via Next Plateau. I Also have a new trance monikor – Alex Grogan: first release out this year. DigiTraxx has taken a back seat at the moment, not enough time lol.

Plus there is plans to officially launch a new clubnight CLUBFREAKS, watch this space.

3. Do you have any secrets with your productions? Any VST’s or hardware you like to work with? And which programs do you use?

My main DAW is Ableton, I use a mixture of synths, Sylenth, Nexus, Gladiator & more. Its all about layers to create your own sounds.

4. Your tracks always have great dynamics and powerful synths, are you very articulate with your compression and mixing or do you prefer to play it by ear?

I love the big synth sounds, It’s the trance influence in me. But always play it by ear, every track is different.

5. You’ve had massive success with your genius progressive track Higher State ft Jodie Connor, even seeing support from Scott Mills on Radio 1, what do you think made this track so commercially popular?

Judge Jules played the original instrumental back in 2008, it was my 2nd completed production, he gave it great comments on his show. I thought it needed a vocal to take it to the next level, My manager sent the track to David Dawood, who wrote the lyrics and got his girlfriend “Jodie Connor” to sing them. Straight away i knew it was gonna work, but it was a slow process, no one really showing any interest at first. Then Scott Mills started to play in Dec 2009 and into Jan. That’s when things changed. I even turned down Ministry and opted for USA label “Next Plateau”. It managed to get into the top 40 dance on iTunes and went top 10 in the billboard airplay charts it also has just been signed to be released in Scandinavia on PR Records, so still life in the track yet.

6. One of my particular favourites is your remix of Angelic – It’s My Turn, do you approach your remix productions in the same way as your originals, or do you have a routine?

Yeah I suppose I do treat them like they were my own tracks, I like to keep the same chords etc. but with my own sounds and treat them with respect. Originally I asked Amanda if she would like to re-release the track, so it originally was Bailey Ft Amanda but Darren Tate wanted to re-release and use it as a remix.

7. Your music is full of great progressive melodies, intelligent beats and superb trance breaks and builds that leave the hairs on the back of your neck standing up. Could you describe your music in one genre or is it a hybrid of many sub-genres?

Trance, Prog, House = Trouse

8. A lot of music in today’s market is not bought; it is downloaded through the internet leaving musicians barely seeing any money from their productions. What are your thoughts on music piracy from an artists and label owners perspective?

Obviously it’s not something I’m happy about, its out of control, i can’t see a way of stopping it either, so its just something we have to accept. I’m sure plenty of artists use this as a promotional tool to. Would Deadmau5 been so big without his tracks appearing on all the forums in his early days?

9. Do you have any releases, remixes or collabs in the pipeline at the moment? And are there some DJ gigs you’re looking forward to?

Yes I have plenty lined up for this year. My new Bailey track “In My Veins” ft the vocals of Sarah Howells has been signed to Strictly Ryhthm/Soltrenz, set for June release in USA, other countries to follow.

Katherine Ellis & Bailey was completed at the end of March and was added to gaydar radio playlist on the same day.

I’m currently writing my follow up to In my veins for USA label.

Alex Grogan-The Journey is signing to CGI for Uk release.

Sam Freiberg-Fire is out on itunes USA, also in Scandinavia.

Plus other Collabs with Mark Viollet, Blumenkraft & Cashbeatz, so plenty more to come from Bailey.

My next gig will be at Dusk in Hereford on April 15th, where i’ll be djing back2back with Si Paul AKA lost witness.

10. Any final words to all of your fans reading this interview?

Thank you to everyone that has supported me over the last couple of years, keep spreading the word ;)

I also want to say thank you to Scott, Nathan C, Ben Preston & Christian Davies, who have all played some part in helping me with production in my early days.

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From all of us at Gold Shore Records a big thank you for taking the time to do this interview we really appreciate it. Hope to speak soon and hear more from you in the future!