White Noise (the whoosh sound effect)

Ever turned on your TV to be blasted by an angry explosion of hissing? Take this same sound, throw it through a filter and you have the classic lifting, tension building, face squinting sound you hear on your favourite build ups.

How does White Noise work?

This white noise lifting effect works by sending a white noise sound through a filter and automating the filter cutoff when you want the ‘rising’ sound to come through.

1. Take the ‘3xOsc’ and open it to the default.

2. Set OSC 1, 2 and 3 to the white noise wave form (the fuzzy line before the question mark).

3. Now you need to make a pattern; open up your piano roll for the ‘3xOsc’ and key in about two/four bars of one long not on middle C.

4. Now send your ‘3xOsc’ to a spare mixer channel, on the first slot add the ‘Fruity Filter’.

5. Open the ‘Fruity Filter’ and set it to the following; Cutoff: 0, Resonance: 100, Low Pass: 100, Band Pass: 0, High Pass: 0 and X2: OFF.

6. Now go to your playlist and add a few bars of the pattern we made earlier.

7. Go back to your ‘Fruity Filter’ and right click on Cutoff, select ‘Create automation clip’.

8. Now, starting from 0 make an upward automation line up to 100, lasting the full length of the pattern bars you added earlier.

9. Press play and listen to your new melting noise lifter!

How can White Noise be used?

White noise can be used for many things, including; hi hats, ocean / wind emulation, rising effects and it is even added to bass lines to make them more gritty. The most common and obvious use of white noise is in the build ups of dance music; it adds tension, a sense of direction and most of all it gives listeners a recognisable signal that something is about to kick off.


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